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7. IVV Record Books and Awards

IVV Achievement Award Program: Earn awards by walking events and distance at volkssport events worldwide. Redeem your IVV Record Books at milestones such as 10 events, 30 events, 500 kilometers, 1000 kilometers for a certificate, patch, and hatpin to display your achievement.

pic047.gif - 17.71 K animated walking awards photos

IVV Record Books: Record books are sold by the clubs at each event, in the USA the books are $5 each, and are good worldwide. An incentive for new walkers is to buy the New Walkers Packet and receive the first set of IVV Record Books at a big discount. You get both an event record book and a distance record book for a total of $5.

pic040.gif - 18.50 K animated walking books photos

Record Book Types:

Event Record Books: Stamped once for each event (no matter how many times you completed the trail distance). Redeem at milestones: 10 events, 30 events, 50 events, 75 events, etc.

Distance Record Books: Stamped once for each completion of the trail with the distance recorded. Redeem at milestones 500 kilometers, 1000 kilometers, 1500 kilometers, etc.

At each event, by paying a single credit fee or buying the event award, you get BOTH books stamped.

pic044.gif - 16.40 K animated stamping books photos

Completing a Record Book: When the book is full, make a copy for your records and mail the book to the address listed on the front (to AVA for USA walkers) Be sure to then buy a new set of books at the next event to keep going while the AVA processes your books and sends you back your Achievement Award. AVA address: 1001 Pat Booker Rd. Suite 101, Universal City, TX 78148.  See AVA Record Book Guide for more details.

Passbook: After you redeem your first record book, the AVA sends you a small passbook that you need to mail to AVA when redeeming completed books in the future. Don't worry about this when redeeming your first book - you won't have it yet!

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